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Supply chain video games

July 1, By mhugos. You can think of business as a multiplayer game between the supply chains of different companies.

Supply chain role play game

To show what we mean, we offer this multiplayer, online supply chain game. This is not a game to merely entertain you, or help you memorize a few facts. Use our simulations on your own to learn about supply chains, or use the simulations to create a multiplayer online game. Both ways you will practice techniques and develop skills that can be used for improving supply chains in the real world. One school used the Cincinnati Seasonings supply chain case and simulation shown here.

Another school created their own case and supply chain set in India to make it more relevant to their students. And the third school modeled and simulated a real supply chain in the aerospace industry.

The company wants you to improve their existing supply chain, and then expand it to support their growth as they open new stores. You manage the supply chain outlined in the diagram below. Cincinnati Seasonings is the case study most people start with when they begin using SCM Globe simulations. This case can be used as a stand alone case study and simulationor it can be configured as the basis for a multiplayer supply chain game. They deliver products to stores in Ohio and surrounding states.

Supply Chain Game

These facilities are placed on the map in their actual locations as shown in the screenshots. The objective of the game is simple: Meet product demand at the stores for 30 days while lowering operating costs and inventory as much as possible. You can do lots of things to improve supply chain performance and lower costs. You can open or close facilities and adjust factory production rates. You can add or remove delivery vehicles and change routes and frequencies to move products between facilities.

And you can do these things in any combination that seems useful.What does this mean for me? You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

Train yourself to defeat the Bullwhip Effect in a virtual Supply Chain simulation

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A Multiplayer Supply Chain Game – Overview

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supply chain video games

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Host Your Game on Kongregate An open platform for all web games! Find documentation and support to get you started.Organizing the chain to give the customer the best possible service, that is the secret behind success in this supply chain and process management game.

During the game, participants represent competing airplane manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus. They also have to think about upgrades and service contracts. It is not only about selling as much as possible, but also living up to agreements with customers.

If they do not do that, it is at the expense of customer satisfaction and so the final result. Just like in the real world! The teams organize and improve their internal processes, such as their information, cash and product flows. Both optimal communication between the various links and a clear picture of the chain as a whole are of great importance.

Do they take inventories, time to market and cash flow into account? An informative game in an attractive metaphor, because, like in practice, you have to think about all links in the chain. Think this Management Game can move your organization and your participants forward? Business Games will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities for your company. A customized game with your own content is also possible. Simply ask us about the possibilities or fill in our contact form. Check out the customized examples below as well.

Contact us! Supply Chain Game. Taking account of all links The teams organize and improve their internal processes, such as their information, cash and product flows. Customized Management Games.Every year, the bullwhip effect causes companies around the world to lose millions of dollars because of excess inventory and lost sales opportunities.

The Beer Game helps you learn how to defeat the bullwhip effect in the safe environment of a virtual simulation. The game educates players in preventing excess inventory and losing sales when they encounter the bullwhip effect in real life!

This original game was created to illustrate the dynamics of Supply Chains. Like the original, the game has four players — the beer retailer, the wholesaler, the distributor, and the manufacturer. The game lasts up to an hour and simulates a maximum of 52 consecutive weeks in the life of the beer distribution supply chain.

The game is available in single-player and multiplayer formats. In the single-player format, you play the role of the distributor, with the other three roles played by AI bots. In the multi-player format, between one and four players can play. If there are less than four human players, the remaining slots are taken up by AI bots. Each week, the retailer places an order to wholesaler and receives previously ordered beer from the wholesaler.

The wholesaler does the same with the distributor and the distributor with the manufacturer. Regardless of which role you play, your goal is to avoid running out of beer stock, while keeping inventory costs down. You must also try to bring the supply chain to equilibrium as quickly as possible.

Equilibrium is achieved when each player reaches the target stock level and is ordering the same amount of beer each week, for four consecutive weeks. When you play the Beer Game, you are likely to experience something very similar! Train yourself to defeat the Bullwhip Effect in a virtual Supply Chain simulation.

Play Demo. Discover how to successfully upskill your entire team. Contact Us.The security sector is waking up to the insidious threat posed by software supply chain attackswhere hackers don't attack individual devices or networks directly, but rather the companies that distribute the code used by their targets.

Now researchers at security firms Kaspersky and ESET have uncovered evidence that the same hackers who targeted Asus with that sort of supply chain hack earlier this year have also targeted three different videogame developers—this time aiming even higher upstream, corrupting the programming tools relied on by game developers. Just weeks after revealing the Asus incident—in which hackers hijacked the computer company's software update process to silently infect customers with malicious code—Kaspersky researchers have connected it to another set of breaches.

The same hackers appear to have corrupted versions of the Microsoft Visual Studio development tool, which three different videogame companies then used in their own development. The hackers could then plant malware in certain games, likely infecting hundreds of thousands of victims with a backdoored version of the programs.

Kaspersky researchers say that both the Asus and videogame cases are likely part of a much broader web of interlinked supply chain hacks, one that also includes the hijacking of utility software CCleaner and the server management software Netsarang in The videogame attacks in particular represent a looming blind spot for many software companies, says Vitaly Kamluk, Kaspersky's director of Asia-focused research. After using the malicious Microsoft development tools, each of the compromised gaming firms then digitally signed their games before distributing them, marking them as legitimate even though they contained malware.

That represents an escalation over the Asus case, for instance, where hackers altered the update files after they were created, and used a compromised Asus server to sign them with the company's key. They found a weak spot of the global developer community, and that's what they're exploiting. Kaspersky and ESET both say Thai gaming company Electronics Extreme was one of the firms targeted in the attack; its zombie-themed game—ironically named Infestation —carried the malware.

Kaspersky on Tuesday named Korean firm Zepetto as another victim, and its first-person shooter PointBlank as a second game that had in some instances been laced with malware. Both firms have so far declined to name the third victim.

In total, Kaspersky antivirus detected 92, computers running the malicious versions of the games, though it suspects there are likely far more victims. ESET in March put the number as high as "hundreds of thousands. Both Kaspersky and ESET also note that the malware is carefully designed to stop executing on any machine configured to use Russian or the Simplified Chinese used in mainland China, where some security researchers have suspected the supply chain attackers are based since their attacks.

Kaspersky first spotted the videogame malware in January, according to Kamluk, when the company started scanning for code that looked similar to the backdoor they'd found installed by the hijacked ASUS updates. The investigation led to a compromised version of Microsoft Visual Studio that included a malicious "linker," the element of the Microsoft tool that connects different parts of code together when source code is compiled into a machine-readable binary.

The new, evil linker integrated malicious code libraries into the resulting compiled program instead of the usual innocent ones. Kamluk says it's still not clear how hackers tricked the victim companies into using the corrupted version of the Microsoft developer tool.

It's possible, he adds, that the firms' programmers had downloaded pirated versions of Visual Studio from message boards or BitTorrent, as occurred in a similar instance when Chinese developers used a malicious version of Apple's XCode tool in But he suspects, based on the currently known targeting of just three companies and only specific games, that the hackers may instead have actually breached their targets and planted their malicious version of Visual Studio on specific developer machines.

Rather than indiscriminately planting crimeware on as many machines as possible, the videogame hackers appear to be performing reconnaissance. The malware seems to be a first-stage trojan that simply gains a foothold and uploads a unique identifier for the machine back to the hackers' server, so they can decide which computers to target later with a second-stage tool.

The linked Asus attack was similarly exacting, designed to install its payload malware on just specific computers out of the hundreds of thousands it could have infected. Kaspersky found evidence that the Asus and videogame attacks, which it collectively calls ShadowHammer, are likely linked to an older, sophisticated spying campaign, one that it dubbed ShadowPad in In those earlier incidents, hackers hijacked server management software distributed by the firm Netsarang, and then used a similar supply chain attack to piggyback on CCleaner software installed oncomputers.

But just 40 specific companies' computers received the hackers second-stage malware infection. Kaspersky has based those connections on similarities in the hackers' code, the shared focus on supply chain attacks and distributing digitally signed malware, and one more revealing fingerprint: Both the CCleaner attack and the videogame firm breaches used compromised servers at the Korean Konkuk University as a command and control server.

The two computers in the two breaches were even on the same part of the university's network, Kaspersky's Kamluk says. Though Kaspersky hasn't attributed the attacks to any particular country, that link would suggest China's involvement, given that other security firms including Intezer Labs have pointed to Chinese calling cards in the earlier round of breaches. That ongoing series of attacks signals a group of aggressive hackers bent on serially corrupting software's supply chain, so that even trusted sources are turned into distributors of malware.

But of those attacks, the videogame hijackings start closest to the source. They should also serve as a warning, says Kamluk. Is it a trusted source, is it official, is it untampered? When was the last time that software development companies checked the integrity of the compiler they're using? Game over.Video Gaming Technologies hits the jackpot when it comes to perfecting its supply chain. When Jerry Hale, vice president of supply chain for Video Game Technologies VGT started with the company init was already on a fast track for growth.

When he had to move out of a house he was renting, he had no place to put his beloved foosball table and ended up going to a local game parlor to play it — and there he saw people line up and pay money to play games. The company Yarborough founded makes touch screen video gaming machines and leases them to Indian casinos in Oklahoma. VGT was the first company into the Oklahoma market with these machines, which has been one reason for its success.

Its fast growth has made modernizing its supply chain and eliminating inefficiencies a challenge for VGT. According to Hale, another key improvement in the purchasing department was the creation of a supplier scorecard.

supply chain video games

Scoring the suppliers enables us to make timely decisions and it also helps our suppliers improve their business operations. Hale says VGT has undergone significant improvements companywide as well. As such, we continue to realize process efficiency and excellent customer satisfaction.

According to Hale, the acquisition has created a fantastic opportunity to leverage the strengths of each business unit. One clear advantage to being purchased by a much larger company is the shift in the mindset of the company. On the supply chain and logistics side, its expanded capabilities have been noticeable. Though the company is headquartered in Franklin, Tenn. When a machine is no longer needed at a casino, it is returned and a teardown process begins.

Machines are broken down and materials are cleaned and repaired onsite. Some components are sent to vendors for re-coat and re-chrome to ensure a like-new appearance while mitigating the need to procure new materials. Quality is a part of the overall process and ultimately leads to the delivery of machines that function, with near perfect results, once installed.

VGT also manages the delivery of its products with internal resources. VGT can be demanding of its suppliers. To ensure that those relations run smoothly, VGT makes sure its suppliers get everything they need from it. We want to know what we can do to improve as well. Constant information sharing and communication have served both VGT and its suppliers well.

Supply Chain Hackers Snuck Malware Into Videogames

VGT remains committed to the tribal gaming market, a market in which it has been extremely successful. Money Bags and Lucky Ducky. Click here for a full list of contacts.Jump on his game. Massive over 130k odds. That is a winning ticket. A resume is a document, used to apply for jobs, which includes descriptions of your education, experience, skills, and accomplishments. Your resume offers a window into your professional history and is one of the most important documents in your job search, since it provides the vital first impression upon a hiring committee.

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Review the following templates that fit a variety of employment situations for inspiration for writing your own resume. Remember, your resume needs to impress the hiring manager enough so you get the interview. That means it needs to be perfect.

supply chain video games

Review these samples below for help handling specific situations, such as a career or a name change. The resume of an entry-level employee generally looks quite different from the resume of a mid-career professional.

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