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Spotify keeps changing songs

Every since I installed Spotify on my computer, it keeps skipping every few seconds with practically every single song. I tried re-installing but still experience the same problem. Not really sure what else to do, but it's pretty annoying. Go to Solution. Every 10 seconds it was trying to refresh the driver and failing, causing the skipping for me. Hope this helps at least one other. View solution in original post. First, completely close spotify. The go create a backup of the cache folder "Storage" by renaming it.

How The ‘Spotify Sound’ Is Changing Music

It is located:. I renamed mine "StorageBackup" this later can and should be deleted as long as nothing gets messed up in the meantime. Restart spotify. It will recreate the storage folder as it tries to write to it. Windows users - should be able to access it anyway through windows explorer. If not, you can navigate to it if you go to your folder options and select to show hidden files and folders. I've tried that, but it didn't help.

I've updated to the latest version, and it's only with spotify I'm having these audio problems. I've the same problem - the songs keep skipping about 10 seconds in and then play normally. It only does this when I change the songs myself and not when the playlist keeps playing on its own.

I've discovered the culprit! Hardware acceleration is NO solution. The evil force behind this annoying track skipping is none other than iTunes itself! The result? Skipping on the machine that has iTunes, and no skipping on the machine that does not have iTunes.

So, what say you Spotify admins? I could understand you not wanting to disparage iTunes, or reveal that there is a cross-platform problem between the software for fear of losing subscribers due to compatability issues. Honestly though, you shouldl have discovered this. Now that I have served the problem to you on a platter, it is in your best interests to find a solution.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here.Having a really annoying issue where songs I am actively listening to randomly change to other songs. So annoying! Anyone have a solution to this?? It sounds like your account might be used somewhere else. You can log out of all web browsers, computers, tablets, and mobile devices at the click of a button:.

We suggest you take a look at this support article here and follow all the steps. It worked for me once but after a couple days, i had the same problem. I noticed a "Chrome Web Player" when the "skip itself" happens. I never used Chrome web player. How is it possible that it is connected to my spotify?? This is now happening to me and it's happening even on the web page. I logged out of all devices and logged into the web version of spotify.

Then played one of my playlist and after not even a minute it starts playing a song by Niccox called Launch. And even if I pause it it autostarts playing again. So now this is not about uninstalling the apps on the phone and I have indeed reset my password and email and when I log in it still plays.

I don't pay for a premium subscription for this. Fix it Jesus. Since you've tried all the steps in the support article, we suggest that you reach out to our Customer Support team here so that they can secure your account on their end. I have exactly the same issue, even the songs you mentioned are the same. I've reset my password, disconnected devices as you did but nothing helped.

If they don't fix it it'll be the last month I'm using premium, for me, switching songs is even more frustrating than adsMy spotify has several times without reason started to play randomly chosen music from the playlist that I'm currently listening to.

Even if I pause a song in spotify and close the window, spotify starts to play music. It is really annoying listening to a song and suddenly spotify change it.

Spotify Stops Playing Tracks on iPhone and iPad: How to Fix Issue

The problem does not occur constantly, sometimes it will work for one or two days and on the third day this problem occurs the whole day. I have the same issue, but to me Spotify just goes into a rage and changes songs again and again. Pausing doesnt help, it just keeps changing songs. To understand what i mean you can try pressing arrow key up or down repeatedly while pressing enter repeatedly. I even exit the program and restart and even then it sometimes starts to do the same again. Other times it just changes the song playing on it's own accord and leaves it.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Help me! Everyone's tags 3 : and you just want to na…. Music Fan. I have the same problem, can't find why this is happening. Anyone any thoughts? Everyone's tags 1 : turn off wave navigatio…. Spotify Legend. Hello, Do you have a keyboard with media controls that might be picking up accidental keystrokes at all?Spotify has disrupted the music business in many, and amassed influence to the point where 'Spotify' is shorthand for streaming itself.

If that's not enough change, the way in which Spotify and other streaming platforms pay artists has fundamentally altered how some musicians are structuring their songs. Guest post by James Shotwell of Haulix.

spotify keeps changing songs

With more than one-hundred million subscribers, the Swedish based company has nearly double the audience of its closest competitor Apple Music.

The company has grown so popular, in fact, that it has become a kind of shorthand for streaming music.

Spotify skipping songs constantly

Spotify has revolutionized how artists make money from their music. A single stream is counted when the listener has played thirty-seconds of the track. The days of lengthy introductions or slow-burning tracks has been replaced by immediate choruses or other attention-grabbing tactics. If a play is counted after thirty-seconds of listening time, then artists are not incentivized to make longer songs.

The more financially informed approach would be to record more material that is shorter, thus earning more money. A five-minute song earns as much as a two-minute song, but listeners can play multiple two-minute songs in the same amount of time, which means they can earn more money.

The remix, which helped catapult the song into the pop stratosphere, runs just over two and a half minutes long. Other platforms have different rules for what counts as a play. Some services require a certain percentage of the song to be enjoyed before a play is counted, while others have a higher minimum for time spent listening.

Both methods of counting plays encourage the same thing. Artists should make shorter, catchier songs if they want to earn big from streaming services. He is also a public speaker known for promoting careers in the entertainment industry, as well as an entertainment journalist with over a decade of experience. Do you think this type of mood music will replace the conventional music in the future? I really love listening to music that is why I love Spotify app.

spotify keeps changing songs

You done superb job to sharing here wonderful blog with us. I really like this blog and looking forward for more informative blogs. With the internet and digital technologies driving rapid change within the music industry, articles about new releases and who has been hired and fired are no longer enough.Listen to music the way it's meant to be heard by turning sound quality up, or save your data usage by turning it down. On mobile, you can fine tune even further with the equalizer.

And, if you have Premium, you choose whether or not to balance volume levels, and make them generally louder or quieter. Note : You can have different settings for listening online Streaming quality or offline Download quality.

The higher the stream quality, the more data will be used. The higher the download quality, the more space is used. It's currently not possible to adjust music quality on the web player. Download the app to get more features! Set a baseline volume level for all songs for a more consistent listening experience, or disable it to hear the songs at the level they were originally recorded.

Find the right sound for you. Adjust your music by choosing from one of several presets, or by dragging the points in the graph for a more precise and personalized setting. Note : Equalizer availability on Android varies depending on the manufacturer. Changes you apply to it also apply to the sound settings of other apps. Toggle navigation Spotify. How can we help you? Help topics. Search Results. Get the full Spotify experience! Upgrade to premium. Have questions, answers, ideas about Spotify?

Ask or join our Community! Go to the Community.In reference to that, we have got all the possible fixes that should help you. One such issue is when Spotify stops playing tracks on the iPhone and iPad after a while. This issue is notably different from the usual rigmarole where Spotify does not play a particular track s.

If you find yourself in that odd spot, note that this might be completely a server issue at Spotify. Of late, the updates to the app have been pulling the performance down.

No matter what the team says and yes, I do appreciate the devs for developing such a wonderful appSpotify app does have some issues of its own. You can get them back on the Spotify app right after you reinstall it. If Spotify still stops playing after a while, then you can assume — correctly — that it has got nothing to do with the network.

You can restart your phone usually, or you can do a hard reset: which means you press down the power and home button till the Apple logo appears on the screen and the phone restarts.

One of the reasons why Spotify does not play tracks could be the insufficient resource. Double press the Home button and force close other apps running in the background except for Spotify. Now give it a try to play your song and check, this time you should be able to listen to your song. Most of the users on forums have vouched for this trick to be working and thus, you should have solved the problem by now.

Sometimes the Spotify issue is server sided, and the user hardly has any role to play. To be sure, try logging out of Spotify and then login back again.

By doing this, the track lists are refreshed again from the server. Check again if you can play the track s on Spotify. Tweaking these values to figure out if these are the culprits causing Spotify to stop playing the tracks can be nerve-wracking. But you can try changing:. Do share your feedback with us in the comment below, on FacebookTwitterand Telegram. Also, make sure to download our iOS app on your iPhone and iPad to access the tips on the go.

How-to iPad iPhone. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: April 1, pm. This is for you. Open Spotify. Now, release the power button and press and hold home button till the slider vanishes. The app should close down now.Already have an account?

spotify keeps changing songs

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Learn more about our cookies. We use 3 different kinds of cookies. You can choose which cookies you want to accept. We need basic cookies to make this site work, therefore these are the minimum you can select. You can always change your cookie preferences in your profile settings. To homepage To homepage. Spotify is constantly skipping songs in the last few weeks after the software upgrade, no issues prior.

Have spoke with 2 customer service reps, been on hold for hours, restarted the system and modem, and no resolution. My internet speed is fine and that's been confirmed. No issues on pandora from what I've heard. Share Tweet Share Share. This topic has been closed for further comments.

You can use the search bar to find a similar topic, or create a new one by clicking Create Topic at the top of the page. Jeff S. Hi Lindsey, It looks like your case was escalated to our tier 2 team. Please reply to the emails they sent to schedule a call and they'll help you out.

Exactly the same issue here.

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