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It also gets rid of this banner! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vortex with Rotax ACE JetTech72 Jet Boat Junkie. Sounds pretty interesting. Are we talking about a pair of those monsters? All Seas Well-Known Member. JetTech72 said:. Compatico Jet Boat Addict. While practicing my google-fu I found a dealer who is already showing ordering info as "coming soon" for the Vortex Engine Make Rotax Engine Model 1.

The bars have some contour or edge to them possibly for more rigidity:. The new engine is now available on Scarab jet boat models and Chaparral Vortex models. The standard tower is apparently unchanged. Seems just a new engine option is the major difference. Nice, I like it but If I had a twin hp jet boat, I would drive it like I stole it. I mean If I wanted to do 25mph all day, I would not have twin hp motors. I'm not concerned about speed.The vehicle has a single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front for steering, similar in layout to a modern snowmobile.

The Spyder uses an ATV -like chassis. The manufacturer refers to it as a "roadster," but in technical terms it is more of what has been traditionally called a trike. The Can-Am Spyder was officially launched in February By Octoberapproximately 2, units had been sold. Induring the annual "Spyderfest" gathering in Springfield MO, the ,th Spyder was delivered [5]. The Spyder has traction and stability controland antilock brakes. In California, Delaware, Nevada, and South Carolina only a regular driver's license is required—however, helmet laws apply in California as they do for all motorcyclists.

Except for the Ryker model, there is luggage space under the hood at the front of the vehicle. The Spyder also has front and rear brakes which are both actuated by the same foot pedal, a reverse gear, power steering and an optional electric shift clutchless transmission. Some of the lines having additional trim packages, which can result in Spyders, even in the same line, having quite a different look. Additionally inCan Am started producing a new lower cost line named the Ryker. It is intended for a younger entry level demographic and does not bear the Spyder moniker.

All types sport a front trunk, or "frunk", the Ryker's being very small compared to the other models. Spyder SM5 The SM5 has a manual 5-speed transmission with the standard motorcycle left-foot-actuated shifter and left-hand-actuated clutch.

It is a one-down-four-up system with reverse. There is no foot shifter or hand-clutch actuator. Instead, a paddle shifter located on the left hand grip at the thumb position is used to shift press paddle forward with thumb to shift UP, press paddle backward with index finger from the front to shift down.

The SM6 is a manual 6-speed transmission with the standard motorcycle left-foot-actuated shifter and left-hand-actuated clutch. It is a one-down-five-up system with real reverse. The SE6 has an automated manual transmission, which shifts sequentially and There is no foot shifter. Instead, a paddle-shifter located on the left hand grip is used to upshift and downshift see Spyder SE5 for detailed operation.

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This section may have been copied and pasted from another location, possibly in violation of Wikipedia's copyright policy.In many ways, Austrian manufacturer Rotax's signature two-stroke engines are just like any other two-stroke out there; they work in the same basic way, have all the same basic parts and do all the same things.

But Rotax engines have long been known for their enormous power output relative to weight and displacement. Like most things Austrian and German, the secret is all in its engineering and attention to detail. A two-stroke engine works by using the piston to cover and uncover intake and exhaust ports in the cylinder walls, instead of relying on a camshaft and valvetrain like a four-stroke engine.

Starting at the top of th piston's stroke, an explosion of air and fuel shoves the piston down. As the piston goes down, it uncovers the exhaust port, which releases exhaust gases from the cylinder.

Next, the piston uncovers the intake port -- opposite side of the cylinder from the exhaust -- and allows fresh air and fuel to enter the cylinder. The inertia of escaping exhaust gas sucks air and fuel through the intake port.

rotax twin

Inertia drives the piston back up, covering both ports and compressing the air-fuel mixture against the cylinder head. The spark plug ignites that mixture and the cycle begins again. Rotax engines are known for power an reliability, but the approach Rotax uses seems a bit antithetical to the one used by most two-stroke manufacturers.

Horsepower is a function of torque and engine rpm; if you have more rpm, you need less torque, and vice versa. So, the simplest way to increase horsepower is to run the engine at higher rpm. In the karting world, Yamaha KTS models typically rev to about 16, rpm and Leopard engines to about 17, rpm.

The equivalent Rotax BRP makes the same or more horsepower revving to a comparatively tame 13, rpm. That might seem like a bad thing, but the end result is less engine wear and a flatter, more useable torque curve. In many ways, the Rotax engine's power valve is the secret to its success. The power valve works something like a VTEC system in a four-stroke engine, altering intake and exhaust valve timing according to rpm.

But a two-stroke engine doesn't use valves like a four-stroke engine does; its intake and exhaust valve timing is dictated by the height and position of the intake and exhaust ports.

So the only way to alter timing is to physically change the size of the ports. The Rotax's power valve is essentially a plate that drops down from the top of the exhaust port opening.If you have read the article on pistons HEREand a little more history HERE, then you have a good understanding of the various functions duties of the piston ring.

This equates to excessive heat on the piston crown and ring and leads to premature ring failure. DOO has had ring flaking issues ever since waaaay back in the and triple engine with their moly impregnated rings. This is not a new problem.

If you read an article on the function of the ring you will see how one of the primary purposes of the ring is to transfer heat from the piston to the cylinder walls where it can be dissipated by the cooling system.

Smaller piston. The twin is NOT the only Rotax twin having problems. So, what is happening???? IMHO there are several reasons and some of them elevate the effect of the other. Keep in mind. You have 2 dissimilar metals with different chemical properties joined as one.

I am no Chemist. In short I believe that these 2 alloys work well together under most conditions but under high heat, high stress and oil submersed conditions. Read more about this below! This causes an actual de-lamination of the ring facing and leads to pitting of the ring face.


Goes with what was stated above. Single ring set-ups are great for making power in high rpm engines. In fact, in low rpm engines also, for that matter. What a single ring is NOT good for is transferring excessive amounts of heat. The ring is overloaded with heat and can not adequately transfer the heat from the crown.

DOO has made the ring very thick in hopes of alleviating this problem but it is not doing the job. The ring is simply overloaded with heat! This rocking places the ring at different angles on the cylinder wall and can act as a "scraper" and scrape the oil barrier from the cylinder wall. Besides this scraping effect. If one were to exaggerate this "tipping" of the ring. This would also equate to much less heat transfer to the cylinder wall and the heat being imprisoned in the ring, itself, because it was not mating completely with the cylinder wall.

NOTE: This is only a worst case scenario I do not know, or have any way of knowing, if this is actually the case. Just a theory. Poor chamfering couldand most likely ,would, cause stress on the ring.

People are all to quick to point the finger at detonation for this ring failure. Having said all thisRotax four-stroke and advanced two-stroke engines are used in a wide variety of small land, sea and airborne vehicles. Operations were moved to WelsAustria, in and finally to GunskirchenAustria, in Inthe majority of Rotax shares were taken over [4] by the Vienna-based Lohner-Werkea manufacturer of car and railway wagon bodies.

The former Bombardier branch, Bombardier Recreational Productsnow an independent company, uses Rotax engines in its ground vehicles, personal water craftand snowmobiles. Rotax supplies aircraft engines for ultralight aircraftlight aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. Rotax engines designed specifically for light aircraft include both four-stroke and two-stroke models. This 2-stroke engine series was launched in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brand name for a range of internal combustion engines.

For the former British component manufacturer, see Lucas Industries. GunskirchenUpper Austria. KG Retrieved 1 September Archived from the original on 14 June Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 14 February Rotax aircraft engines.

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BRP Rotax engines are known as industry-defining power plants with strong, responsive power delivery, leading fuel and oil economy, and an indisputable reputation for reliability. Regardless of your needs, from heart-pounding horsepower, to clean, efficient utility strength, there's a BRP Rotax engine designed specifically for your needs. The first factory produced 2-stroke turbocharged engine - ever.

Heart-pounding power and response is at your fingertips to take the ride further than ever before. No aftermarket parts, no tuning, no installation - just ride. Deep down you know what it feels like, what it looks like, you even know what it tastes like.

Vortex with Rotax ACE 300

You may think you know what it sounds like, but you've never heard That Ski-Doo Feeling sound like this. Delivers a worry-free ownership experience with the Rotax reputation for durability and longevity. The pDrive primary clutch utilizes a roller design for reduced friction, which means a quicker, more consistent response to throttle input. It offers more responsive, dynamic performance and 5 more HP than its predecessor — all while keeping its reputation for leading reliability and fuel and oil usage.

The most powerful 2-stroke engine in the industry.


Direct-injection technology mill pumps out big power while delivering up to 19 mpg Excellent oil consumption, plus easy throttle pull, linear power delivery and virtually no smoke or smell. Proven and recognized by riders for reliability. Preparing for the off-season is easy with built-in automatic summerization function. This groundbreaking, direct-injected 2-stroke delivers it all, making it the standard all other engines — of any type — are judged against.

rotax twin

The inline triple with EFI delivers hp; intelligent Throttle Control iTC significantly quickens response, especially when blipping the throttle. In addition to increased performance, it gets outstanding fuel economy, up to 19 mpg A lightweight muffler delivers a throaty performance sound. It's torquey performance has made it a favorite on the trails. In-line EFI four-stroke twin with 60 hp and ultra-low maintenance. Model Model. Contact Information.

rotax twin

Select one model of the MXZ family. Select one model of the Renegade family. Select one model of the Backcountry family. Select one model of the Grand Touring family. Select one model of the Summit family. Select one model of the Freeride family. Select one model of the Expedition family. Select one model of the Skandic family. Select one model of the Tundra family. Please complete this form and we will contact you shortly. Continue Browsing. It responds instantly to throttle input with nearly zero turbo lag putting more usable power at your fingertips without sacrificing the outstanding fuel economy up to Inthe original F was discontinued.

rotax twin

It sold overunits during its production life. The Dakar model had a thinner, 21 inch front wheel as opposed to the street oriented 19 inch and longer suspension travel for improved off-road handling. It also had a thicker, higher seat. A specially prepared rally raid version of the bike was used by Charley Boorman and his team during the Dakar Rally while filming their documentary Race to Dakar. The GX series was released as year models, consisting of the off-road X-Challenge, the scrambler-style X-Country, and the road-oriented X-Moto.

This series was discontinued after the model year. The FGS had several advanced technology features for its time, with computer-controlled fuel injection[ when? Combined with the bike's high compression ratio and twin spark plugs from onwardsexcellent fuel economy and low emissions existed alongside high power output.

When the FGS was launched, [ when? BMW responded in issuing an improved injection as of and calling back the models from the previous year. The fuel is stored in an under seat fuel tank, [7] and the false tank where a conventional fuel tank would be housed the remote oil reservoir for the dry sumpairbox and battery.

85 hp Rotax 1000 V-Twin, liquid-cooled engine

This contributed to a lower centre of gravity for improved handling. Due to the high numbers sold, the FGS developed a large aftermarket accessories range and a sizeable owner community. BMW also developed a large range of factory original hard luggage for the bike.

Intended as a new-generation replacement for the old bikes, the new motorcycle has retained the same FGS model name, despite the fact that it has a larger engine. GGS models with the Chinese-assembled engines can be easily identified as the engines are painted black while in the earlier European-assembled engines were finished in silver. Before the bike was discontinued inthere was a brief period when the engines were assembled by Kymco in Taiwan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some documented sources state Main article: BMW F series parallel-twin.

American Motorcyclist. American Motorcyclist Association : 14— Retrieved 28 July BMW Motorcycles. Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved 29 December Archived from the original on 18 January Archived from the original on 21 February BMW Motorrad Authorities.

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