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How to change name of google assistant

Google listened to its users and opened up options for different voices. You can change the voices on your phone, Chromebook, and smart home devices. You can give your assistant a voice in a different language, and you can assign a different voice for each user. We show you how to make the changes in a few simple steps. Want to know what it would sound like if Google Assistant had a regional accent? Or perhaps you live in a bilingual household and want certain family members to feel more comfortable communicating with Google Assistant?

Open up the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Select the Settings icon it looks like a gear in the main menu.

How To Change OK Google to Something Else

In Settings, scroll until you reach the Google Assistant section, and look for an option that says More Settings. Select this. In the next screen, look at the top menu and choose Assistant to gain access to the correct options. Now select Assistant voice in the drop-down menu. You will then enter an interesting menu of different colored icons that you can swipe through.

Select a color and you can listen to a sample of the voice. There are different accents, as well as male and female voices, so scroll on through until you find one you really like. You can then simply close the app and Google Assistant will continue using that voice. Using your smartphone or tablet, open up the Google Home app. Open the Settings icon on the home page, which looks like a gear. Scroll until you reach Google Assistant and then look for the option that says More settings.

In the new menu that shows up, look at the options up top and choose Assistant to go to the right section. In the Assistant section, choose the Languages option.

Here you have an important choice to make. You can choose your current language and select Choose a new language to change the primary language that Assistant uses. Or you can choose Add a language to add a second language to Google Assistant in addition to the primary language — useful for bilingual households, etc. Please keep in mind that the languages available on your device may vary based on both what Google Nest device you have, and what region you are in.

Google Assistant also has the option to assume a variety of celebrity voices, giving you some very unique options for your voice assistant. The range of celebrity voices available continues to grow, but popular options currently include John Legend and Issa Rae. Some of these options may be available in the voice settings we talking about above, but there is another very easy way to enable a celebrity voice.

Maybe your child prefers one of the female voices, but you want to hear a male. The Google Assistant can now use different voices to respond to different people in your household.

How To Change OK Google to Something Else

How to change your Gmail password 1 day ago. The best smart speakers for 1 day ago. Best Ninja Foodi deals on multicookers, air fryers, and grills for April 2 days ago. The best robot vacuum deals for April Eufy, Roomba, and Deebot 2 days ago. The best treadmills for April 2 days ago. The best deals on iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners for April 1 day ago.Google Now proactively provides all the important news feeds and articles that you read about by going through your cache memory ie based on your search habits and shows all those information in form of cards.

To change Google Now command from OK Google to something else you will have to download and install an app which will further let you change Google Now Command. Works perfectly…easy step by step instructions.

Thank you so much! Huge fail for me on my phone. Nexus 6, Lollipop 5. I have the settings set to always listen. This completely and totally renders the app absolutely useless to me. Unmute radio. Not a chance of actual hands free operation for me, not since I have to manually open the app.

Feeling dumb. I tried okay G okay Gee and Computer none of which would work. But as I say the open Mic app crashes as soon as I press play. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Trip McElroy says: December 10, at pm.

Uninstalling it now. All is well and perfect now. Sumit Singh says: January 9, at pm. Richard Babcock says: December 23, at pm. It does uses some battery as it is constantly running in the background. James E. DeLastings PhD says: July 12, at am.Google 's playing some pretty funny tricks on Apple. It recently released a tool that takes advantage of Apple's new Siri Shortcuts to let users access its smart Google Assistant instead of Siri.

But, hilariously, the method requires you to ask Siri to call up Google Assistant. In other words, you call one just to talk to the other. If you haven't heard of it, Google Assistant is Google's version of Siri, but it's smarter. It's better at things like natural language, allowing you to ask questions and get answers for things like: "Who invented the telephone?

how to change name of google assistant

Google, in that case, says the answer is "Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci" while Siri just delivers a Wikipedia result that mentions both names. But it can also do other things, like control the Chromecast in your house, play tunes from the music service of your choice instead of just Apple Music.

You might already use Google Assistant. While it's the default option on most Android phones, it's also what powers the Google Home speaker and other devices. If you haven't tried it, it's worth testing just to see how much better Google can be at understanding what you're asking.

There has long been a Google Assistant app for iPhone, but you previously had to open the app or use a widget to access the service. Now, you can call it up by voice through Siri. I know. It's silly. But it works, so long as you give yourself about a second between saying "OK Google" and speaking your next question, so that the app has a chance to open. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

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Are you sure you want to continue? Go to the Legal Help page to request content changes for legal reasons. Google Help. Help Center Community Google Assistant. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Google Assistant. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Steffanie Fossier. Is it possible to change the trigger phrase "ok Google" to something else?

Example being like how they say computer on Star trek.

how to change name of google assistant

Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 1. Gold Product Expert Shannon Recommended Answer. Refer to the article below. In the future that could change though.

Change "Ok Google" settings.

how to change name of google assistant

You can talk to your Google Assistant by saying "Ok Google. Google user. Original Poster. Steffanie Fossier. All Replies Prashant C. Is it really OK for your house mates to use your full name every time they speak to you? To keep such hard wiring shows that Google's management is showing sign's of ageing. Look at how many people have downvoted your answer. There is no reason I cannot call my pet "Google home" with a name of my choice. Remove this absurd rule and stay young among other tech Giants!

Richard Vale. Agree with the request to change the phrase. One problem is that I have a Google Home device, an android phone and an android tablet and when I say hey google, they all answer. Which means that the :Google" testers have an Apple phone and tablet.After enabled Google assistant in the nougat device, you can open Google Assistant settings on your android devices. You can adjust home control, news, my day, shopping list, screen context, OK Google detection, voice and other important feature in android device.

Also, control data use by your assistant and manage personal information such as a nickname, addresses, and preferences in your android nougat 7. Here you can adjust settings of your Google assistant such as home control, news, my day, shopping list, screen context and other.

You can also manage account settings using home control settings. Now assistant will show you weather temperature units in Fahrenheit Also set Celsiusyour home and work address if addednext meeting date and other reminders you set. Also, change settings of my day summary end with news of your favorite channel, you can customize it. Enable screen context in the nougat device to Google to show the details of your device screen when you hold the home button or search by Google voice button.

Change the assistant language in pixel and pixel XL device.

OK Google, How Do I Change Your Name?

By default set English US as assistant language. In this Google assistant setting, you can enable Ok Google any time that recognizes your voice even if the lock device or open any apps in your android device. If your voice does not match then not unlock the device. You can retrain the Ok Google voice model and delete the Ok Google voice model using this assistant setting. End the list of Google Assistant settings.The best Google Assistant skills can not only let you get the most out of your Google Home smart speaker, but, thanks to its smartphone app, you can get the power of the Assistant wherever you go.

Google Assistant has come a long way in a short time. Initially, it simply used Google's powerful search to help you look up information, but it's gone much further than that. Now, the best Google Assistant skills let you control your smart home gadgets, navigate your schedule—and the world—translate other languages, get recommendations and test your trivia knowledge.

But with thousands of skills, it's tough to know where to start. We've rounded up some of the best Google Assistant skills to give you a hand. Already misplaced your new Pixel 4 XL? Whether it's fallen in the couch cushions or you can't remember which jacket you've left it in, you can use Google Assistant to find it.

If you have a connected Google Home speaker, like the Nest Miniyou can ask it where your phone is and it will ring your phone. One of the best Google Assistant skills, this works even when your phone is on silent or Do Not Disturb mode, meaning you'll be able to find it easily.

You love that Google Assistant responds to your voice when your screen is off, but you hate it when your PIN and fingerprint methods appear on screen requiring an extra step to unlock the device. Bypass these additional steps by using Google Assistant's voice command to unlock your device. Let's say you're washing your hands, but you want to see your latest Gmail notifications on your smartphone. One of the best Google Assistant skills out there, this command helps you open other apps, including third-party apps, as well.

Tired of getting bothered by telemarketers? Then this is the best Google Assistant skill for you. If you pick up a Pixel 3 or later smartphone, you can have Google Assistant field those annoying and unwanted calls.

Here's how you can change 'Hey Google' to something else

The latest Pixels include a Call Screen feature where the Assistant will answer the phone on your behalf. Even better, an onscreen transcript of the call will appear so that you can see whether the call is coming from someone you can safely ignore.

If it is a telemarketer, just mark the call as spam and move on. While the new Pixels get this feature first, Google says that it will come to earlier Pixels via a software update. The skill lets you determine the pace at which Google reads, and helps you follow along with highlighted text as the pages autoscrolls.

Google Assistant can also translate the page from the language it was written it to your language of choice. Having a hard day at work? What's better than pictures of baby animals to lift your spirits?

Ask your Google Assistant to do a Google image search of baby animals and you'll feel better in no time. This works for any image you might want to find. This is one of the best Google Assistant skills if you just need to smile.

It's Friday night, you're out with friends, but you're clueless as to where you should go for dinner or dancing.You cannot do this yet. Google, however, decided not to name the Assistant. You cannot call the Assistant anything other than Google. You launch the Assistant by calling it Google. This is at least the name of the default voice. It is crafted after considering a lot of facts. They do not want the Assistant to be too American.

The Assistant is expected to be gender neutral. There are many other nuances like these that Google is keen on maintaining. Not giving the Assistant a name like other companies also, was a conscious decision according to some reports. So, can you name your Google Assistant?

Unfortunately no. At least not now. I know you all have at least a dozen names that you would love to the Assistant. I am hoping that this feature will eventually be added. I do not have any proof or evidence for this. I am just being hopeful. It will be really fun to call Google Assistant by a name. I will keep an eye out for any such changes and be sure to report it here. Stay subscribed to know more!

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