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The more you learn, the more you earn. A great way to test your general business knowledge or that of others is by doing a quiz. Use this template to:. The importance of business quizzes comes down to the importance of knowledge on how to do business itself.

At the heart of your business success lies a successful strategy. That strategy includes but is not limited to marketing, logistics, finance, sales and much more. All of these facets will play a role in your success in business!

Ultimate Quiz On Business

As can be seen in the above sample, a decent business quiz is advised to include the following elements:. For any type of quiz, it is a great advantage to be digital and filled out through tablet or smartphone. This allows the quiz to be shared through Email, Social Media or other online platforms. Our tool happens to do just that, with our mobile-optimized software, we are set on giving your respondents the best experience we can.

For each statement, please select a response that best describes you most of the time and in most situations. There is no right or wrong answer. You can work with a different ratings. Business Quiz The more you learn, the more you earn.

Try this example. The Importance of Business Quizzes The importance of business quizzes comes down to the importance of knowledge on how to do business itself.

Include a leaderboard and create a competition of who scores the best. Or just show off your results to your colleagues. No trace of Survey Anyplace anywhere! Custom URLs and custom branding options make mobile surveys look like a custom-made native app. Our quizzes can be taken online, or offline with any device and made available in any language.

That means higher response rates and better data. Business Quiz Sample. Business Quiz Format As can be seen in the above sample, a decent business quiz is advised to include the following elements: Multiple quiz-type questions Real world examples Clean design Engaging layout Keep it short and fun!

Business Quiz Questions Business Quiz Rating Questions: For each statement, please select a response that best describes you most of the time and in most situations. Looking for more quiz templates and examples?By the editors of Kiplinger's Personal Finance May 26, Starting your own small business may sound like a good deal. You can call the shots, set your own hours and eliminate long, pointless meetings.

But how much do you know about getting started — and achieving financial success? Employees pay 7. As an entrepreneur, you're responsible for paying both the employee and the employer share — for a total of So if you earn the same a The ability to deduct the cost of long-term-care insurance depends on your age. And, your deductions can't exceed you The calculators at www.

Charges for items such as gas, oil changes, insurance and preventive maintenance are tax deductible. You have two options: Choose the standard mileage rate of But be careful — business use of a vehicle is a red flag for th But be careful — business use of a vehicle is a red flag for the IRS. Make sure you keep detailed mileage logs and precise calendar entries for the purpose of every road trip — a number of apps, such as MileIQ, make this easy.

Sloppy recordkeeping makes it easy for the service to disallow your deduction. See All Quizzes. Toggle navigation Menu Subscribers Log In. Search Close. Store Podcasts Log in Search Close. Toggle navigation Menu Subscribers. Store Podcasts Log in. Or maybe you're already running your own show and all the challenges that come along with it.

Either way, try our ten-question quiz. We bet you'll learn something helpful along the way. Start Quiz. True B. True According to the Small Business Administration, only half of new enterprises survive five years or more. It's best to know what you're up against when you're starting out. Advertising B. Business travel and entertainment C. Employee Compensation D. Home office E. All of the Above. All of the Above All of these business expenses are tax deductible as long as you adequately document their business use.In the UK, which class of national insurance contributions are paid by self-employed people as a portion of their profits?

A LLC is an acronym for which business corporate structure? The Lutine Bell os often used for ceremonial purposes at which institution?

Which company was initially called 'BackRub'? Asda became a subsidiary of which American retail giant in July ? In which sort of auction do the prices come down until the item is sold?

One of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing is WOM, what does this acronym mean? What does the business acronym 'KPI' mean? Answers: Forbes J. Apple was named the most valuable global brand inwhich brand came second? Name the world's largest cosmetics company? Jeff Bezos had s reported wealth of over sixty billion dollars inwhat made him rich?

Following its recent takeover, what name is DIY chain Homebase to be rebranded? Samsung is an Asian company with headquarters in which city?

General Awareness: Business Quiz (Set - 1)

Which American industrialist said 'A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business'? Answers: Karren Brady Please do not forget to come back to www.A search tool is at the top of the page. How did you do? Scores and grading have absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever - it's for fun. David McLelland's motivational theory identified three principal motivational needs which he said each of us possesses to varying degrees, and which characterise our motivational behaviour; what are these three motivational needs?

What does the selling acronym AIDA stand for? Who developed the 'Equity Theory' of job motivation in the 's? Who developed the ten stages of corporate life cycle, starting with Courtship and Infancy and ending in Bureaucracy and Death?

The Ansoff matrix correlates what two aspects of business development from the 'new' and 'existing' perspectives? In selling and communications, what do 'open questions' generally achieve? Albert Mehrabian researched and published a now widely referenced set of statistics for the effectiveness of spoken communications relating to feelings and attitudes; what three types of communication did he identify and what percentages for each did he attach to each type in terms of the percentage of meaning or understanding that each communication type conveyed from person to person in his study?

In business accounts and financial reporting, expenses which change according to scale of performance or usage or demand are known as what? What is the name of Ingham and Luft's model and theory which deals with hidden and open areas of knowledge about a person?

The ' degree' appraisal method collects feedback from whom, about whom? What are the four levels of learning evaluation defined in Donald Kirkpatrick's original four-stage model? What part of our brains typically handles process-type functions, according to brain theorists such as Katherine Benziger? What does the accounting acronym FIFO mean? One of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing is abbreviated to the initials WOM; what is it?

Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains divides learning development into three main aspects: Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor; what might these three aspects of personal development more commonly be called? The 'Big Five' personality dimensions, by which modern day psychologists believe every person's personality and behaviour tendencies can be measured are commonly abbreviated to the OCEAN acronym; what does OCEAN stand for? The financial ratio which divides a company's 'liquid assets' by 'current liabilities' is known by what popular term?

business quiz questions

What three important things should be confirmed and understood before conducting a brainstorming ideas session? With what was the Kyoto Summit concerned? What are the four sequential stages of the 'conscious competence' learning model?

What are the four main 'Temperament' types called within David Keirsey's Temperaments personality theory? According to the Tannenbaum and Schmidt theory relating to leadership, delegation and team development, what must be reduced in order for the team's area of freedom and growth to increase?

What does the financial term ROI stand for? Whose experiential learning theory comprises the learning styles named: Concrete Experience feeling ; Abstract Conceptualization thinking ; Active Experimentation doing ; and Reflective Observation watching?

Daniel Goleman was responsible for popularising and defining what management and behavioural concept in his eponymously titled ie. What is psychometrics? What is the management technique that is commonly informally abbreviated to MBWA? Large size hand-writing generally indicates what characteristics in the personality of the writer? Since OctoberUK employers must follow a minimum process of three-stages for handling disputes with employees, including disciplinary and grievance matters; what are the basic minimum three stages required?

Douglas McGregor defined two main styles of management; what did he call them and how are each of the two styles typified? Bruce Tuckman's theory about team development uses what four sequential rhyming words to describe the four stages of a group's progression?Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

Here you can find objective type Current Affairs Business questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided.

business quiz questions

You can easily solve all kind of Current Affairs questions based on Business by practicing the objective type exercises given below, also get shortcut methods to solve Current Affairs Business problems. India with which of the following countries has signed MOC to strengthen cooperation in steel sector? Which company has announced changes in its health insurance policy in order to provide benefits to employees involved in LGBT employees?

All Rights Reserved. Contact us: info. Current Affairs General Knowledge. Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. Why Current Affairs Business? Where can I get Current Affairs Business questions and answers with explanation?

How to solve Current Affairs Business problems? Global Investment House B. KB Kookmin Bank C. Edelweiss Asset Management Company D.

Report errors. Mumbai B. Chennai C. New Delhi D. The national-level meeting was held to get the views from the Clients and stakeholders about the Services provided by CPWD. Russia B. USA C. Japan D. MoC will help in capacity building for high grade steel manufacturing in India. Vistara inked code share agreement with which of the following company? Alliance Air B. GoAir C. SpiceJet D. The two carriers already have an interline partnership.

Codesharing allows an airline to book its passengers on its partner carriers and provide seamless travel to destinations where it has no presence. An interline arrangement refers to a pact to issue and accept tickets for flights that are operated by the partner airline.

TCS B. RIL C.It is important for one to have adequate knowledge of the business world if they wish to make it in the industry and maximize their profits.

The ultimate quiz on business below is designed to help you see how much you understood from the seminar. Give it a shot and all the best! Whether you wear pins on yourself or on your purse, pins are always in fashion. After all, pins are jewelry and you ARE in the jewelry business.

Business and Lifestyle Quizzes

For recruiting purposes, using the Flip Chart shows your guests that a Park Lane show is easily duplicate-able. The Flip Chart has easy and friendly verbiage to help explain the customer buying plan and the hostess plan. After all, it all gets shipped to one address. With Park Lane, there are no limits to the amount of shows you can hold. So, if more money is your goal, simply hold more shows! Promote and grow your team is one way to give yourself a pay raise!

Greater show results insure greater profit checks, increased bookings and recruits too! Forgot your password?

Speak now. Ultimate Quiz On Business. Please take the quiz to rate it. All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions. Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Play as Quiz Flashcard. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Duplicate Quiz Cancel. More Business Quizzes. Business Profile - Quick Quiz. Virtual Business--lesson finding A Job.

Featured Quizzes. Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature.Have you played the TriviaBug App yet?

business quiz questions

Available on both the Apple and Android platforms. In his seminal work An Inquiry into the Wealth of NationsAdam Smith recognized the value of business processes and division of labor while studying factories manufacturing what objects? The Pin Factory is now memorialized in the background of the face of the British 20 pound note. One of the most iconic billboards of all time came about through Araldite's s London ad-campaign that saw a tagline "It also sticks handles to teapots" placed under what object?

In a slogan that became popular in Costa Rica, it is claimed that which advertising character prefers that country's coffee implying his preference over Colombian coffee? He is a fictional character who has appeared in advertisements for the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia sincerepresenting a Colombian coffee farmer.

The slogan was the subject of a lawsuit in Thousands of people died and thousands more were injured when gas leaked from an industrial plant. Anderson was charged but never faced a court. He highlights the role of merchants selling what items as those who lobbied the most with a clear vested interest regarding a particular day?

Apparently, candy retailers wanted this so badly that in they lobbied to extend DST into the beginning of November by putting candy pumpkins on the seat of every senator, according to a press release from the Department of Transportation.

The candy industry disputed this account. It is to enable an extra hour of daylight for children to collect even more candy while trick-or-treating, thus forcing people to purchase more sweets to meet demand. The term normally refers to the Michelin Red Guide, the oldest and best-known European hotel and restaurant reference guide, which awards Michelin stars for excellence to a select few establishments. Who is the Italian statistician who published a paper on the income distribution of a nation's citizens and who has now given his name to a measurement of inequality?

A high Gini coefficient indicates high inequality. The countries in Africa had the highest pre-tax Gini coefficients in —, with South Africa the world's highest, variously estimated to be between 0. Friedman wrote that no two nations with a McDonald's franchise had ever gone to war. He upgraded this theory in The World is Flat taking the name of what technology company to further underscore the link between strong economic ties and peace?

The so-called "Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention" says that people or nations don't just want to have a better standard of living as symbolized by McDonald's franchise in their downtown, but want to have the lump of the labor sector that is created by globalization.

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