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Ahsoka tano is injured fanfiction

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ahsoka tano is injured fanfiction

Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. He'll meet new friends including Ahsoka, Ezra and the rebels crew. He agrees to train as a Jedi and joins the fight between good and evil. Along the way he'll learn more about not only the Force, but his family and himself.

Perhaps more than he ever wanted. Rated Teen for safety. Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus were a couple that was known to give people a safe, temporary place to live. They were well off financially and wanted to make a difference, and that was the way they knew how to.

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds. The darkness drops again; but now I know That twenty centuries of stony sleep Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle, Ezra's started therapy for his leg, Sabine stays mostly off of the Ghost, and Hera's mad at him for a reason he can't fathom—so all in all, minus that last part, Kanan's doing okay.

Even if he's itching to take Ezra and leave so the Empire won't be able to find either of them again.

Ahsoka Tano

But as much as Kanan Jarrus has messed up, he doesn't break promises. Even if it's to keep himself and his Padawan out of what's looking more and more like a death sentence every day. And don't even mention the Inquisitors. Time travel has been a mixed blessing for Ahsoka. But keeping a promise she made in the future may prove more difficult than she expected. And how is she supposed to convince an eighteen-year-old version of her ex-girlfriend to trust her?

Kanan likes kids. Really, he does. And Obi-wan still searches for equilibrium. Ezra stumbles across Ahsoka and Kanan reminiscing about the past and realizes, for the first time, how much they have lost.

And maybe, how much they still have.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Vera Kryoff is a troubled teenage girl who is now abandoned by her druggie mom. Usual high school drama ensues, everyone has issues tw will be included in the chaptersloads of fluff and humor, everyone gets the support they deserve and they end up happy although puberty sucks! In light of a dangerous undertaking to provide the rebellion with valuable information, an old friend reveals herself to Senator Riyo Chuchi.

While the girls are at the baby shower for the newest Skywalker, Luke and Anakin get a visit from a very nervous mother-to-be. It was like trying to make out the details of someone through choppy water, a dark shape that wavered in front of her.

Then another sound overwhelmed her, almost like a breathing machine. But why would a breathing machine make her freeze with fear? When Ahsoka starts having nightmares of a horrifying future, she travels to Mandalore to change things. Story takes place after season 5 of The Clone Wars, with a few small changes to made to the timeline of events in the show.

A thunderstorm wakes all three kids just before Anakin calls to make her aware that he was going to be home later than originally planned. Luke, ever the momma's boy, has trouble comprehending why mom isn't feeling well. While having some downtime, he asks questions about marriage and why his Aunt Ahsoka isn't married to a boy like his mom is.

Wedding Bells are ringing, Shmi is a little sad that it's her last wedding, but all of her grandsons are dressed up and ready to make her smile. Ahsoka Tano was unprepared to be alone and powerless when the Jedi Order cast her out. However, by a stroke of luck, she was reunited with her old friend Riyo Chuchi, and with a new lease on life in the waning days of the Clone Wars, she sought desperately to keep a place in the fate of the galaxy. But in doing so, she set a new course for herself that nobody could've predicted, one that would take her and Riyo from the intrigue-packed halls of the Senate to the heart of a Separatist insurgency to the burning skies over Coruscant, and then beyond into an unknown and terrifying future that somehow never quite matched with Palpatine's original plans for everything.

Indeed, Ahsoka's efforts would irreversibly change her destiny and the fate of everyone around her. AU after Clone Wars Season 5. Updates weekly.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Together Again" Clip - Disney+

What started out as an innocent little game between Master and Apprentice, would later mean revenge.Anakin Skywalker's leg was numb. It had started as an irksome prickling in his thigh, but the distinct fuzzy feeling had quickly spread until even his toes were tingling. Anakin's leg was numb, but that was the least of his worries. His current problem was the tiny Torgrutan teenager that had passed out next to him.

Ahsoka Tano slept with her head resting in her master's lap, curled up like a lothcat cub. It was only a few hours from Ylsia to Kamino, but the stress of the mission had worn greatly on her, until the hard benches of the transport seemed like the softest bed in the universe.

He stopped, noting the snoozing padawan, but making no comment. Not a minute later, Kix appeared, his medi-kit already in hand. Anakin shook his head, not for the first time marveling at the perceptive clone doctor. There's a bloodied bandage on her right knee.

I've no idea how she managed to hide it from me, but my guess is she patched it up during the mission so I wouldn't say anything. Mind taking a look? Kix had already knelt and was unpacking his things. Anakin chuckled, knowing full well how difficult his jumpy apprentice could be when she was being looked over.

Kix got to work quickly and unwrapped the bandages from around her knee, discarding them. His brow furrowed, a change that did not go unnoticed by Anakin. It wasn't until he sat back from his inspection that the Jedi dared breathe. It's extremely swollen and irritated, not to mention scraped up.

I think she tried to pop it back into place herself, but that may have only made things worse. Anakin buried his anger and frustration, so he didn't disturb his exhausted apprentice. Kix knew exactly where the General was going with this, but he knew better than to lie to him. I'm surprised she didn't ask for any help. Anakin breathed in and out.

His initial anger melted into sadness. Oh, Snips. We've got a lot to talk about. Kix's touch was sure, his skill clearly evident in the way he wrapped Ahsoka's injured knee, but that wasn't enough to stop her from squirming. Dragged from deep slumber, she whined and twisted in the medic's grasp, away from the unfamiliar hands.

Anakin reached out, mentally and physically, to calm her. He ran a hand over her lekku gently, tracing patterns on the stripes to distract her. She stilled, listening to him through their bond. Ahsoka sighed, and stopped kicking, much to Kix's relief. The healer went back to work, while Anakin continued to hold her through the pain. He wished he could have done more, but even his reserves were draining. Ahsoka tried her best to keep still, but she shifted in his lap as her knee was immobilized.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I keep coming up with fic ideas. I keep not writing them. It seems like a waste to not use these ideas, so I'm putting them all here for the wonderful people of AO3. Never can come up with what to write about? Love writing but not sure what to do? See if something here sparks your curiosity! Go nuts. Have fun. Twenty years before the Clone Wars began, the Force selected its Keeper.

Now, in the face of the intense turmoil plaguing the galaxy, the Force acts again. Anakin just wants everything to go back to how it was before, Ahsoka doesn't completely understand what is happening but is willing to do whatever she can to help, and Obi-Wan's past comes back to haunt him in a way he never expected.

After the Battle of Exegol, Rey and Ben Solo time-travel back into the Prequel era and try to alter events to procure a better future. After being proved innocent Ahsoka lets the Jedi Council how fucked up they are which lead to a rebellion with the support of Anakin, Obi-Wan, Plo Koon and Kit Fisto, The Council have no choice but to change their ways otherwise they will lose their best Jedi.

During this Ahsoka and the other Jedi move on with their personal lives, they couldn't care less about the attachment rule anymore and allow themselves to actually feel. All while trying to fix the Jedi Order and finally make it become something worth fighting for, and bring peace to the Galaxy.

Qui-Gon Jinn had been a wise and powerful Jedi. A renowned diplomat and a skilled duelist. Kind and compassionate. A truly great man. At least that's what Ahsoka had always been told regarding her Great-Grand Master. After landing 60 some years in the past, she has the opportunity to meet the man. And well Ahsoka is beginning to think Anakin's opinion had been highly biased.

But Ahsoka's got bigger things to worry about than one grumpy Jedi Master. Like the Sith.XD Don't ask me why I'm still writing at this time of night, even though it's not that late for me Of course, my natural instinct to NOT feeling like a total loser is to finish up a writing piece that I've started over the weekend.

This is for randomreader WITH a profile, who was one of my faithful, awesome reviewers for my very first Clone Wars story-writing-mania over the summer. XD Good times, good times I hope to write out my heart's content over this summer, as well. I shouldn't get too excited.

This is what I get for procrastinating and staying up with stress overload. Ahsoka fic Anakin Skywalker knew that something was wrong even before the mission went into chaos. He had just thrown his cloak onto his bunk when he groaned, " Snips… what exactly are you doing here?

ahsoka tano is injured fanfiction

On cue, the familiar Togrutan face jumped down from the vents in the ceiling and grinned. Everyone's away—and I mean everyone. Anakin glared at Ahsoka and said, "I gave you specific orders to stay on Coruscant! I ended up being on the mission, anyways.

Ahsoka sighed in exasperation and rolled her eyes. Everyone friendlyat least. He had to dash. Anakin rubbed his temples tiredly and looked up at his apprentice. This is one of the most dangerous missions any of us has ever been on—it was top secret to even most of the Order.

Or, at least, not as good as you think. It's the will of the Force for me to join you on this top secret mission. Anakin's muscles subconsciously tightened. It's not exactly issued by the Republic, right? Anakin hesitated.

ahsoka tano is injured fanfiction

He wasn't exactly keen to tell his young apprentice where their destination would be—but at the same time, it wouldn't matter. Ahsoka would be staying on the ship. There have been rumors and sightings of these beasts being trained by the Sith again and if those rumors are true…" He didn't bother finishing the sentence. I mean, they're supposedly all-powerful—they would be able to sense a spy in the field, right?

Ahsoka's eyes widened but before she could protest, a small squad of troopers walked into the cargo bay and Anakin had begun to share the plan for breaking into the facility.

The minute the troopers had walked out of the cargo bay, Anakin was attacked by a rather furious Ahsoka Tano. He heard Ahsoka making a harrumphing noise and she said, "Rex is a great guy, Master—really, he is. He's probably one of the best troopers—best captains —I have ever met, but you know that I have better reflexes than him. He's not Force-sensitive, remember?

He threw his hood over his head. The ship could be entering the atmosphere any minute.This is my darkest story so far and there's a part of it later on that I feel a bit guilty about writing. In addition they needed to get back an important Jedi holocron which the Bounty Hunter had stolen from the Jedi Temple.

Unfortunately by the time they found Ropal he was already dead having been electrocuted to death by the ruthless mercenary. Ahsoka and Anakin, along with Captain Rex and several other clones were exploring the ship. Even if they weren't in time to save Ropal they could still get the holocron. Suddenly something charged past them disappearing down a corridor. R2-D2, Anakin's loyal astromech droid beeped urgently and the group hurried after the figure, arriving in a large room. Lights flared and they found themselves facing a Duros wearing a wide brimmed hat and a brown coat and a group of droids.

The droids fired and Anakin and Ahsoka deflected bolts as the clones returned fire. Anakin closed in on Bane who held up one of the gauntlets he wore on his wrists. The Gravity turned off and everyone except Bane, who had magnetic boots attaching him to the floor, and his droid who had magnetic feet, floated into the air. Bane fired at the astromech droid but Ahsoka got in front of the bolt and sent it straight back at the Duros who ducked quickly. Anakin sliced down a couple of droids and sneaked up behind him.

Bane whipped around but Anakin booted him in the face knocking him off the floor so that he was forced to float in the air too. The holocron, a large blue cube, flew out of his pocket but before Anakin could reach it Artoo turned the gravity back on and everyone fell to the ground. Bane lunged and snatched the holocron before rolling to the side as Anakin's lightsaber descended on the place where he'd just been lying.

Ahsoka Tano

Bane struggled upright and fled towards the door. Anakin hurried towards the door and started to burn through it with his lightsaber but then a blaster bolt, from droid or clone he didn't know, slammed into an explosive which had been dislodged from a pile of explosives during the fight. The explosion brought pieces of rubble crashing into the room. One of them almost landed on Anakin who had to abandon his attempt to cut through the door to stop it from crushing him.

Using the Force he caught the piece of debris and tossed it aside. Ahsoka had chased Bane through a few corridors and ended up in one with an emergency airlock at the end. The Bounty Hunter turned to her. Bane didn't look worried at all. In fact he was smirking. Ahsoka deflected the bolt easily and it hit Bane's arm. The Bounty Hunter cursed as he dropped the blaster. Ahsoka darted forwards. Bane dodged to the side. Ahsoka turned but Bane kicked her lightsaber out of her hand.

He tried to punch her with his uninjured arm but she ducked, grabbed his arm, elbowed him in the gut and, with surprising strength for someone so small, flipped him onto the floor.This was written to fit in with season 4, episode 14, "A Friend In Need.

Please excuse any typos, I kind of wrote this on the seat of my pants. Hope you like it! Still glaring at Lux from their previous argument, Ahsoka felt her arm being grabbed by another Mandalorian Death Watch member, this one a woman, and was forced outside of the small tent to allow her foolish friend to negotiate with the dangerous terrorists.

So for the time being, she allowed herself to be roughly manhandled by the woman, across the encampment and to another tent. When they arrived at their destination, the armored woman shoved Ahsoka roughly through the entrance flap, forcing the Jedi to lose her balance and fall to the ground inside.

Ahsoka was rather surprised at how beautiful the woman was. She assumed a hardened terrorist would be a bit more You could be a spy for all we know! The wall of the tent? As a Jedi, Ahsoka saw the action in near slow-motion, and it took every ounce of her strength not to react as a Jedi should.

Immediately she rose her arms to cover her shame. With a rough tug from Bo, the tattered remains came off completely, leaving the young Jedi to struggle with covering her breasts as well as her smooth crotch. Ahsoka, was it?

ahsoka tano is injured fanfiction

I strip you naked and all you do is cower. The young Jedi gripped the ever-tightening cord, gasping for air as she felt herself being dragged back to the metal wall. As I said, you are to refer to me as Mistress, and that is only IF I allow you to speak, is that clear, bitch? Ahsoka bit her lip at the sudden sensation. Opening a drawer, she took out a small bag and brought it back over to the metal wall.

Holding an end of the chain in each hand, she raised them to eye-level to allow Ahsoka to get a good look. At each end was a tiny clasp, that seemed to lock together by way of a very sharp-looking needle. The young Jedi screamed into the metal ball gag, barely loud enough to be heard by anyone outside the tent. As the clasp locked into place, a small drop of blood trickled down her breast, before Bo wiped it up with her hand and licked it of of her glove, smiling.

Ahsoka sobbed silently as the second clasp was pressed into her right nipple, making her scream again, but this time with less passion. Already she was becoming exhausted by the ordeal. Instantly Ahsoka could feel the rings vibrating against her headtails. It was a very odd sensation. The Togrtua prostitutes I usually see know exactly what these things do.

The extreme pain she felt from the nipple piercings so tremendously exhausting that the numb buzzing of the Lekku vibrators just felt like white noise in her head. Bo-Katan was right, she HAD had a protected childhood, but that was only because she was raised in the Jedi temple like any other Jedi. The seedy underworld of her homeworld was not known to her, nor were the ways her species got themselves off. Suddenly the young Jedi could feel a gloved finger slide against the warm folds of her vagina.

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